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Hezbollah to ‘israel’: Eye for an Eye

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the Resistance attack on the Israeli military vehicle in the northern settlement of Avivim aimed at maintaining the balance of deterrence against the Zionist enemy, asserting that the “eye for an eye” retaliation principle is being applied.

Delivering a speech during Hezbollah ceremony to mark the second Ashura Night in Beirut’s southern suburb, Sheikh Qassem added that ‘Israel’ wanted to follow a path of stealth security operations against Lebanon in order to compensate its failure in 2006 war, confirming that its plot was exposed and frustrated.

Sheikh Qassem emphasized that Hezbollah Resistance is always there to defend Lebanon against the Israeli aggression and greed, adding that this formula will keep till the demise of the occupation entit

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