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Hezbollah’s Secret Plan to Invade Galilee: zionist media

Claiming that the Israeli occupation army has destroyed Hezbollah’s border tunnels, Israeli media said that the Lebanese resistance organization still plans to operate inside the Palestinian occupied territory and take control of a town or a piece of land in Galilee.

“Perhaps Hezbollah doesn’t have another strategic weapon like the tunnels, but it can be assumed it still has an extremely ambitious and detailed plan to occupy communities and military posts on Israel’s northern border,” Times of Israel reported on Sunday.

In an article titled: “Hezbollah’s secret, grandiose plan to invade Israel in the post-tunnel era,” Times of Israel’s Avi Issacharoff          said the Lebanese resistance movement’s tunnel plan was meant to shock the Zionist entity by funneling hundreds of members of the Radwan commando unit into the occupied territories to carry out various attacks.

Issacharoff noted that the activities of the Radwan unit resemble the occupation forces’ elite units “such as combat soldiers trained to use ATVs or navy commando fighters supposed to sneak into Israel in small underwater vessels.”

“In the absence of the tunnels, the mission of Radwan members will likely be to covertly get thousands of fighters into Israel at once through several points on the border while bombarding the border region, hoping that will overwhelm the IDF and allow some of the fighters to reach an Israeli border community or army post,” the Israeli writer said, referring to the occupation forces.

He added that Hezbollah plans a trick through a heavy artillery bombardment of the entire border area, plus the use of high-caliber rockets that can destroy targets such as military posts.

“The group today possesses significant firepower that could theoretically wipe out the entire Israeli frontline upon command — every post, every antenna.”

Issacharoff added that Hezbollah’s attack plan will likely involve a logistic and intelligence apparatus, including drones that would transmit real-time intelligence and could carry out “kamikaze” bombings of Israeli targets.

He said meanwhile, that a land barrier built by Israel in recent years will “make it difficult” for such an operation to be carried out, but noted that “Hezbollah decision-makers nevertheless think that at least some of the attackers will manage to penetrate into Israeli territory.”

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