History of Islam: Quraish Conspired against Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali Redeemed Him


Immigration (Hijra) to Madina al-Munawara

Prophet MImmigration ohammad (PBUH) prepared for the Immigration to al-Madina al-Munawara by the two pledges: First Pledge of al-Aqaba and Second Pledge of al-Aqaba. It seems that the Prophet after concluding those two pledges allowed the Muslims, especially those who used to suffer Quraish’s torture and persecution and to immigrate to al-Madina.

According to the historians, the Prophet told them that Holy God provided them with brethren and a homeland where they will be safe. Thus, the Muslims started to flock individually and collectively towards al-Madina al-Munawara after they left their fortunes and social status for the sake of their religion.

Early Muslims Sacrificed All What They Had

It seems that the immigration of the Muslims from Mecca to al-Madina was secret. Also, they immigrated gradually in order to escape Quraish’s barriers. Nevertheless, Quraish realized the movement of the Muslims towards al-Madina, so it started to torture them, to prevent them from leaving Mecca and to call on them to quit their religion.

The polytheists faced the Muslims’ immigration because they viewed it as a serious threat to their interests and existence. Quriash knew that the Muslims who were leaving Mecca will unite with those in Medina and will endanger the polytheists’ interests, especially Quraish’s trade to the Levant used to pass through al-Madina.

However, all Quraish’s measures and actions failed to reach their goals. Most of the Muslims left Mecca and headed towards al-Madina, except the Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) and few poor Muslims. The Prophet Kept in Mecca in wait for the divine permission to immigrate to al-Madina.

Quraish Sets Conspiracy to Kill Prophet

After the wide immigration of the Muslims, Quraish felt that the Islamic Call moved from Mecca to al-Madina, where the Prophet’s supporters are were ready to sacrifice all what they had for the sake of Islam and Allah’s Messenger. Quraish also knew that Prophet Mohammad wanted to join overnight His companions in al-Madina to lead freely the Islamic Call. The polytheists also realized that the Prophet would be able to defeat them, so they decided to manage a plot against Him before he left Mecca.

Quraish’s tyrants met at Dar al-Nadwa to discuss the issue. Their decision was assassinating the Prophet, so they chose 10 strong men, who belong to 10 tribes, in order to kill Him. Involving all the clans in the murder of the prophet aimed at complicating the revenge in case the Prophet’s family of Hashem decided to avenge Him. The polytheists considered that the prophet’s family would not be able to fight 10 tribes all together.

However, Holy God ordered the Prophet to prepare a counter-plot in order to frustrate Quraish’s conspiracy. The following Quran verse, Anfal 30, illustrates:

And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Mecca]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.

Holy God, The Best Planner, told His Messenger through Gabriel’s revelation about the disbeliever’s conspiracy and ordered him to leave Mecca at night and to have Imam Ali (AS) on his mattress to delude the polytheists that the Prophet was there for the polytheists to fail in their scheme.

Imam Ali (AS) Redeems Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Imam Ali slept on the mattress of the Prophet who left at night while reading the Quran Verse “The Barrier” which reads:

And We have made before them (Literally: between their hands) a barrier and behind them a barrier, then We enveloped them, so they do not behold (the Truth).

The historians mentioned that the Prophet took a grip of dust which He threw on the polytheists while he was leaving his house and that the infidels did not feel that it was the Prophet who passed by them.

The Prophet moved to Ghar Thor and kept there for three days before He left to al-Madina.

After 13 of His Call in Mecca where he faced a lot of difficulties, challenges, harms and dangers, Prophet Mohammad arrived in al-Madina in Rabi’ al-Awwal.

This Islamic immigration from Mecca to al-Madina asserts that the real Muslim is the one who is ready to sacrifice all what he possesses for the sake of his religion. The historians tell us about Suhaib al-Roumi who abandoned all his fortune in Mecca and accompanied the Prophet in His immigration to al-Madina though he knew that he would face numerous hardships and dangers.

The real Muslim knows well that his religion is more precious than everything in this life, including his homeland, fortune as well as power and that everything is worthless when his religious values and morals are in danger.

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