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Hizbullah Condemns Crime of Burning Holy Quran, Warns Religious Organizations of Such Disgraceful Actions

Commenting on the crime of burning the holy Quran Book by Reverend Terry Jones, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The crime of burning the holy Quran Book by Reverend Terry Jones in the United Stated of America comes as a part of a campaign taking various forms, methods, people, and times to express hostility towards religion and the divine laws of religion.

Hizbullah strictly condemns this henious crime, where it considers it as an appeal for incitement and religion conflicts, and turns a blind eye to the true conflicts between the arrogant and the vulnerable nations.

Hizbullah holds the US administration responsibility for this crime, because it serves its arrogant schemes in promoting the conflict and divisions, at the time when the Muslims and Christians are concerned with cooperation and integration.

Hizbullah also calls upon all religious organizations to be aware of such disgraceful actions, which serve the conflict schemes in the globe. Hizbullah further urges Churches to adopt the appropriate stance concerning what happened, in order not to allow through the malignant goals of the greatest conspiracy.

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