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Hizbullah Denounces Zionist Decision To Demolish Palestinian Villages: Crime Crossed All Limits

Commenting on the Zionist decision to destroy eight Palestinian villages in the southern West Bank and the expulsion of their inhabitants, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Palestinian citizens hardly sleep on the news of a Zionist crime to wake up on another more heinous news with terrible impact on their lives. All this and the Arabs remain silent and the international community is completely absent from dealing with the Zionist decisions and preventing the enemy from daring to apply them.

The Zionist war government’s decision to demolish eight Palestinian villages in the south of Khalil and the displacement of their 1500 people lies within the framework of the Zionist war of comprehensive evacuation to Palestinians from what remains of their land and taking it by violence and force.

This new crime is a clear indication of the Zionist hatred towards Palestinians. It also reflects the blatant “Israeli” arrogance in dealing with them. In parallel, the occupier found no one to confront and put an end to its expulsion practices against all the land of Palestine, especially al-Quds.

Hizbullah , condemns this new Zionist crime which crossed all limits. Also, it set it in face of all who bet on negotiations with the enemy.
Moreover, Hizbullah urges Arab and Islamic nations as well as international organizations to do their duty to protect the Palestinian people, and to annul the evacuation decisions. It further calls the Palestinian people to remain firm in their option of resistance, adherence to their land, and refusal to flee whatever odds face them.

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