Hizbullah the Nightmare of Zionist Entity Condemns Blasts Targeting Syria, Iraq

Hizbullah condemned the blasts targeting Syria and Iraq. Commenting on the issue, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Terrorist hands have targeted the Syrian and Iraqi civilians on Wednesday and Thursday, injuring and killing tens of innocent in both countries, causing more pain and instability to the dear peoples.

Hizbullah hence, vehemently condemns this haphazard killing of innocent people. Hizbullah views that such killing in Syria and Iraq aim at sowing sectarian strife and bitterness among the sons of one country.
Yet, this imposes on the peoples of Iraq and Syria to unite and repudiate these Takfiri criminal acts.

Moreover, Hizbullah sees that targeting pilgrims on their way to visit the Holy shrines in Karbala is a real crime that contradicts with the values of humanity and human conscience.

Hizbullah holds the Arabs and Westerners militarily supporting armed gangs responsible for these attacks. Furthermore, Hizbullah questions the role of humanitarian aid sent by some Lebanese figures, noting that such does not bring peace to the Syrian people

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