Latin America

Honduran presidential candidate vows to fight ‘foreign imperialist powers’



Xiomara Castro, the democratic socialist l Libre party presidential candidate, pledged on Wednesday to unite the country’s impoverished masses against foreign-backed wealthy elites and fight against foreign imperialism.

“Honduras has historically been subjected to the anti-patriotic behavior of its governing political class and economically powerful groups that undermine the common good,” Castro wrote.

She vowed to combat “imperialist foreign powers that have made Honduras an impoverished backward nation relegated to the last places of Latin America.”

Honduras has the most unequal wealth distribution in Latin America and the sixth most in the world, according to the World Bank.

“We condemn the existence of structural conditions and cultural patterns that discriminate and subordinate the participation of women and young people in the different spheres of society,” Castro also wrote.

“One of our main priorities is to transform the ideas, attitudes and behaviors that generate this discrimination,” she concluded.

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