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Horrific events in Islamic world from Kashmir to Libya due to lack of Muslims’ unity

The day when our magnanimous Imam announced Unity Week and the day when he announced the unity of Islamic denominations in their general, political and social orientations, many real addressees of the message could not understand its significance. Many officials in Islamic countries did not understand how important the message was. Many did not understand it and many defied it. In other words, they tended to ignore it because of their various ulterior motives. However, today we understand how important the message was.

The events that have taken place today, the various differences that exist among Islamic countries and the horrible incidents that have taken place in some regional countries – including in Syria, in Iraq and at a certain point in time, in Libya, in Yemen and in Afghanistan – help us understand how important the unity of the world of Islam was and how precious the solidarity of the Islamic Ummah was, as announced and demanded by Imam. If that unity had existed, many of these incidents would not have occurred.

In my opinion, Unity Week is very important and unity is a cure for many maladies of the Islamic Ummah. In the present time, the disastrous war in Yemen – during which that oppressed nation has been subject to bombardments on the streets, in the markets, in their houses, at school and in public ceremonies for five years! This is not a minor incident, rather it is a very grave one. The Saudis are really acting in a very cruel manner on this matter. On the issue of Palestine too, a few weak and humiliated governments defied the world of Islam and the Islamic Ummah by ignoring the Palestinian cause and by establishing relations with the usurper and murderer. Undoubtedly, all these maladies will be cured with the unity of the Islamic Ummah and the problems that Islamic governments and nations are suffering from – wherever you look, there are many problems: from Kashmir to Libya – will be eliminated thanks to the Muslims’ unity. [Nov 3, 2020]

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