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VIDEO: Ansarullah forces seize several areas inside Saudi Arabian border province

The Ansarallah Movement (Houthi forces) scored a big advance recently inside the southern region of Saudi Arabia, following a major operation inside the Al-Dahrah region of the Najran Province.

According to Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV, the Ansarallah Movement was able to capture several points inside the the Najran Province after taking action against the pro-Yemeni government forces and their allies along the Yemeni-Saudi border.

In the video released by military media wing of the Ansarallah Movement, the Ansarallah Movement’s forces can be seen advancing through the Al-Dahrah region, amid the collapse of the enemy defenses.

The operation by the Ansarallah Movement coincided with their rocket team’s targeting of the Saudi Aramco facility in the port-city of Jeddah last week.

Using their newly-made Quds-2 missile, the Ansarallah Movement was able to hit the Saudi Aramco facility, causing material damage to the site.

While the not the same size as their Summer 2019 attack on the Saudi Aramco site that caused a major shockwave inside the country, the Ansarallah attack last week was meant to demonstrate the ability of their new Quds-2 projectile.

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