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Houthis warn of more attacks on Saudis

The Ansarallah Movement (Houthis) has sent a new threat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following a powerful attack on a Saudi Aramco facility in the port-city of Jeddah.

The spokesman for the Ansarallah Movement, Muhammad Abdul Salam, said on Twitter:

“The Saudi regime, despite its pleading for the denunciations and its attempt to play the role of the victim, could not go beyond being an aggressor and an abuser against the Yemeni people.”

He added: “The world knows that the Saudi regime has launched aggression and a siege that began with it, announced it and is still in it, and as long as it is, then it must not wait except for a response and legitimate defense until the aggression stops and the siege is lifted.”

The Ansarallah Movement announced on Monday that “the Yemeni missile force bombed the Aramco distribution station in Jeddah with a winged Quds 2 missile.”

They added that “the Quds 2 missile, a new generation of winged missiles produced by the Yemeni missile force and announced today, has entered service recently after successful operational tests in the Saudi depth.”

For its part, the Saudi Cabinet affirmed the Kingdom’s strong condemnation of the attacks carried out by the Ansarallah Movement, including the most recent one on the Jeddah facility.

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