How al-Qaeda lures people into Syria war

How al-Qaeda lures people into Syria war: sample video

Al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Syria, the Islamic States of Iraq and Levant has published a video in which shows a 150-member Kazak family who have gone to fight in Syria for “quick entrance to heaven”.
The video, which is one of the hundreds of other videos produced and published by al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups, shows how the terrorist organization lures people into going to fight in other countries by provoking them through religious means.
“A lover looks for life, Thou whose heart beats for your God’s religion, thou who is ready for giving up his soul for his master, the way and dignity is here. Wisdom and lightness is here. The joy of giving and donating and Jihad and fighting is here. Hurry up…,” the video starts with.
In the video, a young man from Kazakhstan, who is referred as Abdul al-Rahman, says he has left his country and gone to Syria for holy war and “running toward heaven”.
He says, he and his 150-member family have travelled thousands of miles and have spent so much money to reach Syria and participate in the ongoing war, which has already taken tens of thousands of lives.
The video which uses religious features to inflame religious feelings of the viewer shows scenes from al-Qaeda’s wars in Chechnya, Iraq and Somalia.
It pictures women and children happy to be participating in al-Qaeda’s war, being sure that they are doing a good thing benefiting other people.
The video ends with a Saudi suicide bomber who speaks before attacking a Syrian army base near Syrian capital Damascus.
He hopes to be bestowed by God’s mercy for his act and tells his family in a passionate way to “just be patient” after his death.
Asked about others who don’t participate in the holy war of al-Qaeda, he says, “I swear to God that they have losers”.
A noticeable point about the suicide bomber is that they ask him if he is killing himself for money, but he smiles and replies that he has lived a fortunate life, but he is finding more comfort in his war rather than his fortunate war.
Al-Qaeda’s claims in this video have not been verified by Al Alam.
The war in Syria goes on as al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups keep penetrating Syria to join their partners in leading the bloody war that has gripped Syria for more than two and a half years.
Syria’s war has taken on an increasingly sectarian nature, and the rebellion is now dominated by factions affiliated either directly or ideologically with al-Qaeda.
Though there are surely Syrian extremists fighting in these groups, large numbers of them are foreigners, and their motivations don’t begin or end at the Syrian border.
Far from seeing Syria as a special case, these militant groups see Syria as the beginning of a region-wide war, targeting the Muslim world.
The American Pentapolis Agency of statistics said in a September report that at least 130 thousand non-Syrian militants are fighting against the army in Syria.

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