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How did the 150 Kazakh terrorists enter Syria, What ways, lands did they use?

A Kazakh family of 150 heads to Syria for “Jihad”
There are important questions must be asked: How did they come to Syria? What are those organizations that helped them to come Syria? How did they leave their homeland and enter Syria? What entrance gates they used in order to enter Syria?

Yes these factors are as quilty as the terrorists.

As hundreds of thousands of Syrians flee the war in their country, others are doing everything they can to reach the battle zones. Around 150 Kazakhs said to be from the same family – including very young children, teenagers, women and men – left their country “to fulfil their duty of jihad in the Levant”. Jihadist networks have been proudly circulating images of their relocation to Syria.

Since Monday, a propaganda video uploaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an Al-Qaeda affiliated group, has been doing the rounds of jihadist social networks. Its title is dramatic: “Letters from epic battlefields, the hospitality of a jihadist family” and the video’s content is unprecedented.

Foreign jihadists generally go by a war name that includes their country of origin. In this case, their war names indicate these men most probably came from Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia that is about 5,000 kilometers from Syria.


Terrorists in Syria brought these Kazakh children to Syria for using them as a tool. They will kill all of them mercilessly and blame Syrian Army for their killing just like what they have been doing from the beginning of War on Syria.

All of these children will certainly be killed by terrorists and filmed then those videos, pictures will be used as news materials-to attack Syrian Govern.- by Al- Arabia, Al- Jazzera, US, West and Turkish media. The NGOs that help these kind of activities are as quilty as terrorists because it is well know that these sort of activities are organized by many national organnizations of the countries against Syrian Government.

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