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Huge Support Rallies Continue as Thousands Take to Streets Condemning Plot Targeting Syria

Huge support rallies all over Syrian governorates continue in support of the reform program and condemnation of the conspiracy targeting Syria.


Thousands of residents of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside and surrounding villages took to the street on Saturday to express their support to comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad and Syria’s firm principled stances condemning misleading campaigns targeting Syria’s unity and stability.

The participants headed for the homeland tent which was held in one of public squares, chanting national slogans that stress their rejection of all forms of plots and malicious propaganda which some are trying to broadcast among people.
They raised the national flags and banners that express support of the Syrian people’s different spectrums to the reform process.

Thousands in al-Aatarb area and surrounding villages gathered to respond to all what is being plotted against Syria and to refute what is being broadcast by incitement and misleading channels, emphasizing their firm national principles and love for their country.

They insisted that the reform comes from the people’s cohesion and national unity.

On the other hand civil and popular activities held a homeland tent in Ghoweran neighborhood in Hasaka in support of the steadfastness of our people in the face of the conspiracy targeting co-existence in Syria.

Participants raised the national flags and a number of speeches were delivered to confirm the importance of national unity, which is the strongest weapon to confront promoters of sedition.

The speeches underlined the importance of decrees and decisions issued to enhance the reform process.
Architect Ali Khalouf said that everyone became aware of the size of the plot aiming at weakening the role of our homeland and obliging it to give up resistance; this requires our people to be united in the face of the plotters.


In turn, Nidal As’ad al-As’ad said the homeland tent includes representatives of all people in Hasaka who met to tell the whole world that the plot failed and the Syrian people proved once again their consciousness of what is being plotted against them and Syria came out stronger and more determined to go ahead in the reform way.

For his part, Father Gabriel Khajoo said that co-existence and national cohesion in Syria is an example to be followed and Syria is the country of peace which respects all and this enhanced its national unity and increased its steadfastness against the attacks targeting it.

Thousands of Salamya citizens in Hama expressed their deep belonging to the homeland and their support to the reform program.
Participating in a huge march that toured the main city streets, the citizens chanted slogans that reject the attempts to sow sedition and division among the Syrian people and all forms of foreign interference which aims at undermining Syria’s stability and security.

In a similar march, inhabitants of al-Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus voiced support to the comprehensive reform program led by President al-Assad.
The participants expressed their confidence in the ability of Syria to face the foreign plot, hailing the important national role of the Syrian Arab Army and security forces to maintain the security and stability of Syria. They chanted slogans that condemn the attempts to sow sedition and division.

In Adra, al-Btaiha Camp for Wafideen, the Syrian citizens who were displaced from the occupied Golan by Israel, witnessed a huge march in support of the comprehensive reform program and rejection of foreign intervention and sedition schemes.

Their slogans asserted that the resistance and recovery of the occupied land is the choice of Syria, denouncing the biased mass media and their misleading campaigns.

The participants in the march hailed the importance of the army role in maintaining Syria’s security and unity and confronting the terrorist armed organizations.
Imam of the camp mosque Sheikh Hassan Hamdan said the national dignity is embodied in President al-Assad who did not abandon one inch of the Golan and challenged the schemes and sedition which has failed thanks to the patriotism of Syria people as a whole.

Another huge rally was reported in Deir Ezzor where tens of thousands of people rejected the foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

They condemned the malicious media campaigns by some satellite channels to plant the seeds of division to weaken the national unity, calling for consolidating the national unity and confronting the plot targeting Syria as a whole.

The march began from several directions and roamed the main streets of Deir Ezzor reaching to downtown where the tent of allegiance to the homeland was held.
The chanted slogans emphasized the love of the homeland and the President, adherence to back the reform process and confronting the enemies of Syria.

The chanted slogans emphasized the love of the homeland and the President, adherence to back the reform process and confronting the enemies of Syria.

In Tartous, Thousands of young people participating in the campaign of “Syria Is Fine ” held a festival in which they announced their victory over the biased media mobilization campaigns, lies and conspiracies against Syria’s security and stability.
They young persons also thanked Russia and China for their clear positions and principles regarding what is going on against Syria, stressing that the Syrian youths are capable to preserve the homeland.


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