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Human Killing Machine: Tweets by Iran’s Foreign Ministry put ‘israeli’ crimes in focus

Iran says israel's long record of atrocities and apartheid policies against the people of Palestine over the past decades certifies its reputation as a "human killing machine."

Iran’s Foreign Ministry brought attention to some of the crimes the Israeli regime has committed in the occupied Palestinian lands, noting that violence, torture, racism and barbarity have become part of Tel Aviv’s DNA.

“The Zionist Israeli regime is a human killing machine by nature taking the lives of Palestinians indiscriminately,” read one tweet.

Included in the tweet were references to Israel’s murder of 20-year-old Rouzan al-Najjar, a Gazan volunteer first aid responder who was deliberately shot and killed by Israeli forces in 2018.

“Systematic torture is in the Israel’s DNA,” read another tweet. “It is a violent Zionist regime with long-standing policy of torturing the innocent Palestinians to death.”

Israel’s torture of Palestinian inmates, who are often locked up without clear charges or trials, is no secret.

Amnesty International confirmed last year that Palestinian detainees from all age groups, including children, are systematically subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment in the hands of Israeli soldiers, police and Israel Security Agency (ISA) officers.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also highlighted the younger Palestinians’ penchant for countering Israel’s occupation despite the regime’s ruthlessness.

“Occupation is the backbone of the Apartheid Israel,” read the tweet. “However, the younger Palestinian generation is brave enough not to tolerate occupation any longer.”Iran Foreign Ministry 

Systematic torture is in the Israel’s DNA. It is a violent Zionist regime w/long-standing policy of torturing the innocent #Palestinians to death.Its systematic torture is against every law even the primitive one and fundamental human right.This is an act of barbarity.

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Occupation is the backbone of the Apartheid Israel. However, the younger Palestinian generation is brave enough not to tolerate occupation any longer. Ahed Tamimi is a 19-year-old activist who is the beacon of nationwide land liberation movement. #Covid1948#palestine

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One such freedom fighter is AhedTamimi (pictured below), the 19-year-old woman who has time and again made the media headlines around the world for bravely confronting Israeli forces and even being jailed for occasionally punching and slapping them in the face.

The ministry’s tweets further stated that since 2008, Israeli military forces have killed over 5,500 Palestinians and injured over 113,000 more. The numbers would grow significantly if settler violence cases are also factored in.

Other important figures highlighted in the tweets include the number of houses razed by the Israeli military, which has surpassed 1,500 since 2006.

The Israeli regime has also forced over 12,000 Palestinians out of their homes, some 6,700 of them in the occupied West Bank. The second number is significant given the recent push buy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex more lands in the area.

The tweets are part of the worldwide #COVID1948 online Quds Day campaign that aims to shed light on the plight of Palestinians at a time that annual demonstrations have been called off due to health concerns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides the Iranian government, the official twitter account of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has also taken part in the campaign by promoting the #FlytheFlag hashtag, encouraging supporters of Palestine around the world to highlight Palestine’s right to statehood by posting pictures with its flag.

Ayatollah Khamenei also said earlier that only the Palestinian people are the ones rightfully entitled to choose their government through a referendum.

Global protests from Asia & Africa to Latin America & Europe show that a global resistance has been formed against Zionism.#FlyTheFlag

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