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Human rights official protests at Norway for mistreating Iranian students


Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani strongly criticized the Norwegian government for mistreating Iranian students and imposing limitations on them.

In a letter to the Norwegian human rights officials, Larijani described the Norwegian government’s visa denial to the Iranian students who had already been admitted, imposing limitations on the students studying certain fields and expelling several Iranian students under different pretexts as a clear violation of human rights and international laws and undertakings.

“Adopting such measures against the Iranian students will certainly impair the credibility of Norway which has human rights concerns,” he added.

“Therefore, it is expected from you as the heads of Norway’s human rights centers to pursue the issue seriously and with a constructive and logical approach to remove the imposed limitations and bans against the Iranian students within the framework of respect for international undertakings and human rights considerations,” Larijani underlined.

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