Hundreds of Syrian Marines gear up for future offensive


An entire battalion of Syrian Marines recently graduated from their months-long intense training regime and are now ready to be deployed to almost any front in the country for offensive operations should they be called on.

The battalion in question numbers many hundred troops (as many as 500 according to some sources).

Not all of the graduated troops are fresh recruits, some have just undergone re-training after service in the Syrian Army or a pro-government paramilitary unit.

According to Al-Masdar News journalist Ibrahim Joudeh, the Syrian Marines will not be participating in the looming government operation against militant groups in Damascus’ East Ghouta region.

In any case, the Syrian Marines are being reserved for another offensive in Syria and although the where and when of such an operation remains officially unknown, rumors suggest a possible deployment to the Rastan region on the Homs-Hama border or even the country’s east.

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