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Huweija: ISIL Goes on Alert Following Destruction of Terrorists’ Convoy in Iraqi Airstrike


ISIL went on alert in the town of Huweija in Kirkuk province after a long convoy of terrorist group’s military vehicles came under heavy attack by the Iraqi Air Force, local sources reported on Sunday.

Two strong blasts occurred near Huweija in Southwestern Kirkuk, the sources said, adding that one of the blasts occurred as a result of the Iraqi warplanes’ raid on one of the military convoys of the ISIL.

A number of ISIL terrorists were killed or wounded in the air raid, the sources further said, adding that ISIL forces have gone on red alert in the Central part of Huweija.

They said that the ISIL terrorists have been fully armed and have been positioned to vital regions in Huweija.

An Arab media outlet reported on Saturday that the Iraqi Federal Police sent more forces to Kirkuk to participate in the upcoming liberation operation of the town of Huweija codenamed Qademoun Ya Huweija against ISIL.

The Arabic-language Elam al-Harbi reported that the Iraqi Federal Police has forwarded more units from Baghdad to Kirkuk to join their comrades’ upcoming large-scale operation to free Huweija from ISIL’s occupation as soon as possible.

Also, Ali al-Hosseini, the spokesman for the Iraqi popular forces of Hashd al-Shaabi in the Northern flank announced his forces’ readiness to participate in Huweija battle.

In the meantime, the Iraqi planes dropped thousands of leaflets in the region calling on people to leave ISIL-held regions.

Ahmad Khorshid, a member of Huweija Council, estimated that less than 2,000 ISIL terrorists are in Huweija.

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