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If Muslims become united, no one will dare massacre them: Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Ayatollah Khamenei


If Muslims become united, Palestine will not be in the situation that it is in now. Today, Palestine is in a difficult situation: Gaza and the West Bank are trapped in difficult situations, both in different ways. Today, the people of Palestine are under serious pressures–on a daily basis. They (the enemy of Palestine) want to erase the issue of Palestine from the minds of people and consign it to oblivion. They want to, as they say, busy the West Asian region, including our own countries, amongst themselves; this is an extraordinarily sensitive and strategic region, it is a sensitive region in terms of geography, natural resources and sea passageways.

They want to pit Muslims against Muslims and Arabs against Arabs. They want them to target and destroy one another so that militaries of Muslim countries – particularly those neighboring the Zionists – weaken daily; this is their goal.
Today, two powers are opposing one another in the region: one is the power of unity and another is the power of discord. The power of unity belongs to believers. The cries of unity and unanimity among Muslims is being released by sincere voices. These voices are inviting Muslims to pay attention to their common interests; if this happens and if this unity is achieved, the condition that Muslims face today will change, and they will achieve dignity.

Notice, presently, Muslims are being killed everywhere–ranging from East Asia, Myanmar, to West Africa, Nigeria and other such countries. They are murdered everywhere: in some places they are killed by Buddhists; and in some places they are killed by Boko Haram, DAESH, and the like; and some people fuel the fire of such discord. English Shi’ism and American Sunnism are the same (plotting against Muslims similarly); they are two blades of the same scissors. They attempt to pit Muslims against one another. This is the message that the power of discord – which is a satanic tool – is conveying; but, the message of unity is that Muslims should avoid such discord;–they should stand by one another’s side, and they should work together.

Today, if you analyze the statements that arrogant powers and occupiers of nations’ vital spaces make, you’ll see that they invite others towards discord. Since long ago, the English policy has been described as: “Divide and rule,” or “Farraq, tasod” — which means “divide and rule.” During the time when England had some power, this was its policy. Today, too, this policy is being adopted by materialistic powers of the world – whether it be USA or, lately again, England. The English have always been a source of malevolence in our region. They have always been a source of misery for nations. Perhaps the strikes that they have delivered, on the nations of this region, have not been experienced in other parts of the world.

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