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“If we retreat from peaceful nuclear energy, country’s development will be impeded”

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed, met with a number of people from Tabriz on the anniversary of the historic uprising of the people of Tabriz on February 18, 1978. Speaking at this meeting, Imam Khamenei described the February 18th uprising as being truly influential in the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the oppressive behavior of the enemy toward Iran’s use of peaceful nuclear energy, saying: “With what tyranny the enemy camp is emphasizing our nuclear energy. They themselves know that we are not pursuing nuclear weapons and that we are only trying to benefit from peaceful nuclear energy.”

Analyzing the oppressive behavior of the enemy in imposing sanctions on Iran in the area of nuclear energy, Imam Khamenei said, “They do not want the Iranian nation to achieve this great, significant scientific progress. They are exerting pressure because our nation will need this (energy) in the near future. Therefore, they do not want this movement to continue. Well, this means that if we are negligent with regard to these long-term needs and issues, we will face serious problems in the future.”

He described the way the Revolution and the revolutionary movement have persisted as being a fundamental principle of Imam’s school. He explained, “After the victory of the Revolution, our magnanimous Imam focused all his efforts on the revolutionary movement persisting. A clear example of this were his decisions during the Sacred Defense. He turned a war that had been imposed on the nation into a tool for gaining national strength and international credibility.”

He stressed that the continuation of the Revolution requires keeping goals and ideals in sight and satisfying both short-term and long-term needs for attaining the goals. Furthermore, he said, “The goals of the Revolution include making real, comprehensive progress in material and spiritual areas, the realization of social justice, having a strong country, establishing an Islamic society and ultimately forming a great, new Islamic civilization.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution went on to enumerate the factors that help the Revolution achieve its goals, “There are the efforts of scientists, researchers, Islamic seminaries, universities, entrepreneurs, laborers, young students in universities and Islamic seminaries, activists working for social services and piously helping, activists in the area of military defense and in the struggle on the path of God for clarification, and governmental personnel. In addition, there is the guidance provided by intellectuals in the field of political sciences in various media, in the internet and in particular in the national media and also there is the help given to the centers of Resistance in the region and in the world of Islam. Plus, there are those who are ready to participate in different areas, such as defending the shrines and supporting events such as that on the 9th of Dey. These are all the constituents of a public movement that has the lofty goals of the Revolution in sight, and all of these help the Revolution to persist.”

Imam Khamenei referred to scientific activities as being another area for the effective presence of the people and added, “Regarding the Coronavirus, young scientists quickly identified the need at that time and began to work on it. The result of their work was the production of all sorts of vaccines, which obviated the need to beg others. Had it not been for these national products, they would not have given the vaccine to Iran.”

The voluntary, praiseworthy presence of the people in the 22nd of Bahman demonstration was another great feat achieved by the nation. With regards to it, he stated, “Despite being besieged by all sorts of problems such as Corona, problems in livelihood, the mud-slinging of foreign powers, and unfortunately the help of some internal elements in this mud-slinging, the people conducted the demonstration in such a way that, according to reliable reports, the number of participants was higher this year than last year in most provinces.”

He explained that attention to future needs, as well current needs, is very important and said, “Today, if we do not think about satisfying our fundamental needs for the future, such as training scientists and researchers, strengthening the scientific movement, increasing the population and providing the necessary manpower for the progress of the country – in other words, young people – we will face problems in the future.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described peaceful nuclear energy as being a fundamental need for the future and stated, “The reason for the enemy’s focus on the Iranian nuclear issue and imposing oppressive sanctions, despite their knowledge of our peaceful intentions, and their utterance of nonsense such as Iran being close to producing nuclear weapons, is to prevent the country’s scientific progress for meeting the future needs of Iran.”

Citing examples of negligence leading to serious problems, Imam Khamenei referred to the issue of the JCPOA and stated, “In the case of the JCPOA that was signed in 2015-2016, my objection was that certain points should have been observed so that problems would not arise in the future. And I spoke of these repeatedly in my recommendations. But some of those points were not taken into consideration and everyone knows about the subsequent problems that emerged. So, it is important to look to the future.”

He went on to say that the numerous activities that have been carried out over the last four decades have been very fruitful and have helped the Revolution to persist. He said, “The current problems should not overshadow the abundance of great achievements that have been made.”

Referring to Iran’s astonishing scientific progress and international organizations’ acknowledgement of the rapid rate of scientific progress being made in Iran, which is several times faster than the global average, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution explained, “The Revolution also led to astonishing advances in basic infrastructures such as roads, dams, supplying water and electricity, and health and medical services, which would certainly not have been possible without the Revolution and the movement for struggle on the path of God.”

Imam Khamenei stated that the cause of this huge volume of hostility against the Revolution is the vigor and survival of the Revolution. He added, “The vigor of the Revolution refers to the attachment of the general public and new generations to the ideals of the Revolution. If it were not for this attachment and the people’s resistance, the enemy would not have shown so much maliciousness. Therefore, the hostilities are due to the endurance and loyalty of the nation to the goals of the Revolution.”

The Leader described the honorable resistance of the Iranian people not only as being the cause of the country’s progress but also as having impacted the region in important ways. He stressed this point by saying, “The growing resistance in the region has shattered the grandeur of the Arrogant Front and has encouraged nations to speak out against the US. We must appreciate this blessing by persisting on the path of the Revolution.”

He advised the youth to see what point the enemy has targeted and to counteract his attack. He added, “Today, the enemy has targeted the public opinion, especially the minds of the youth, in order to turn the Iranian nation, especially the youth, away from the path of the Revolution. They spend billions of dollars and use various plots that have been hatched in their think tanks.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution called the economic pressures and media operations the two main tools of the Arrogant Powers used to separate the people from the Islamic Republic and to change their thinking. He said, “Lying and slandering the main personages behind the Revolution and the centers that influence the progress of the Revolution are methods used in the operations carried out by the media.”

Imam Khamenei stated that leveling accusations against the Parliament, the Guardian Council, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and the dear Martyr Lt. General Soleimani are examples of their mud-slinging. He emphasized, “If they were not afraid of the people’s rage, they would make accusations against Imam as well. But they do not dare to do this.”

He stressed that the youth and people of Iran must stand up against the slander and lies of the media, as well as economic pressures, and he added, “The way to confront economic pressures is to work inside the country and nullify the effect of the sanctions. Of course, diplomacy is also good and our good, revolutionary brothers are working to have the sanctions lifted and to persuade the other side (to do so).”

He emphasized, “The main way to deal with economic pressures is to nullify the effect of the sanctions by strengthening production and economic dynamism. In this regard, the growth of knowledge-based companies is very important.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution urged everyone, in particular the youth, to engage in supplicating God, taking recourse in Him and benefiting from the blessings of the 15th of Rajab. He said, “Being in contact with God, brings blessings to one’s life, the country and the future of the Revolution.”

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