Imam Khamenei: Armed Forces’ Military, Spiritual Might Go together


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said that the Iranian Armed Forces are required to enhance their “military might” along with “spiritual and religious motivations.”

In a meeting with group of senior military commanders, Imam Khamenei hat the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic are in charge of defending the Islamic system and that the sense of commitment to the religious obligation of the personnel serves as an incentive to boost defense capabilities.Imam Khamenei

“In the Islamic Republic establishment, the main task [assigned] to the Armed Forces is to defend national security boundaries; therefore, the operational capability and spiritual motivations of these forces must be upgraded from day to day,” the Leader said.

“The Armed Forces are not at the disposal of a specific person or specific party and faction, but belong to the whole nation and country and must be a safe bulwark for people and protector of national and public security,” his eminence added.

Imam Khamenei added that the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only military power that is “efficient” and “ideologically-driven” and operates in a country with “political independence.”

The Leader also said Saudi Arabia’s army has failed to realize its objectives more than a year after it invaded Yemen in full force.

In this context, Imam Khamenei said some armies in the world have been established only for protecting ruling regimes.

“Such armies apparently enjoy high operational and military might, but in the battlefield they indulge only in militarism, irrationality and ruthlessness,” his eminence said.

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