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Imam Khamenei: “If Egyptians and its elites are not attentive enough they will get on verge of a civil war…”


Egypt is a very important country and the Egyptians have great figures regarding politics and culture – all of them freedom fighters. For a long period of time, Egypt used to be the leader of the Arab world in intellectual and political areas. Egypt was the first or the biggest country that entered into a war, together with Syria, for the sake of the Palestinian issue. For thirty years such a country has fallen into the hands of somebody who is not only not a freedom fighter, but is also an enemy of seeking freedom. Well, for thirty years such a country has fallen into the hands of somebody who was not a freedom fighter, but also an enemy of seeking freedom; He was not only an anti-Zionist, but also a companion, collaborator and confidant of the Zionists and their servant, in a sense. A country whose flag of anti-Zionism once used to inspire the entire Arab world was trapped in such a situation that the Israelis and the Zionist enemies started to rely on Mubarak’s assistance to impose the biggest blockade on Gaza. This situation frustrated the people. The people of Egypt felt humiliated because the Mubarak’s regime supported Israel and blindly obeyed the United States. This is the main cause of the movement. Americans and Israelis have always been embarrassed by the Egyptians’ movements and thought to conspire against these people.

Supreme Leader’s Friday Prayer Address


The idea that a civil war may break out in Egypt is gaining strength on a daily basis and this is a disaster. It is most likely that U.S. Israeli intelligence services are not clear about their role in creating this situation.

It is necessary for the great people of Egypt and political, scientific and religious personalities of that big country to take a look at the current situation and see what catastrophic consequences this situation may bring to Egypt. Take a look at Syria.

The killing of people is vigorously condemned. Using the language of violence and bullying by different groups of people is absolutely useless and it will cause great harm.

The problems of Egypt should be solved by the people of Egypt and the outstanding personalities of Egypt.

It’s up to the Egyptian people and their elite to hammer out the Egyptian dilemma themselves.

If, God forbid, there is mayhem and if, God forbid, a civil war breaks out, what can then preclude this?

We are concerned; we would like to offer a brotherly piece of advice to outstanding Egyptian elite, the people of Egypt, political and religious groups and religious scholars. They should think of a solution on their own and adopt a solution on their own. They should not allow foreigners and powers to make more interventions.

Supreme Leader’s Sermons during Eid ul-Fitr Prayers


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