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Imam Khomeini (r.a)- Muharram, a Red Prelude to Martyrdom

The month of Muharram is the month of epic action, the month in which blood triumphed over the sword; the month in which the power of Truth forever condemned falsehood and stamped the faces of tyrants and wicked government with the brand of vanity and falsehood; the month that teaches all generations throughout history, the way to victory over bayonet point; the month that registered, the defeat of the arrogant powers vis-a-vis the Word of Truth; the month in which the Imam of the Muslims taught us how to fight history’s tyrants; the month in which the clenched fists of the rightful, the seekers of freedom and independence must overcome the tanks, the machine-guns and the forces of the devil and the Word of Truth expurgate falsehood. * * *
Muharram is the month in which Justice rose,against Injustice and Truth stood up against Falsehood and proved that, in the course of history, Truth has always Triumphed over Falsehood.

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