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Imam Rohollah a.s encouraged children to say prayers even without ablution

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini had encouraged children to say their prayers even without taking Wudu, ablution, which is required for performing Salah.


Imam wanted them to learn and become familiar with the Islamic manners and regulation at an early age when they have no obligation for religious duties.

Despite the ablution is an essential part and obligation for performing prayers, yet kids can say prayers without it for leaning and practicing purpose.

When they are grown up, they can perform salah with all its requirements in perfect manner.

Friends and relatives have also recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, did not encourage his grandson to perform the optional midnight prayers.

It has also been recalled that Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, grandson of Imam, had been too much dedicated to saying his mid-night prayers since his early youth-hood.

However, Imam Khomeini, who himself never missed saying prayers and reciting supplications at middle of the night, advised young Hassan to concentrate on carrying out religious obligations rather than performing non-compulsory worship.

Pundits say that this recommendation by Imam had great thinking, reason and philosophy. It shows that children and persons at early youth stages should not impose on themselves all optional religious regulations which cause inconvenience or prevent them from performing these original duties.

This principle should also be observed while preaching the genuine divine teachings of Islam.

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