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Indian ship to join Audacity of Hope

Indian ship is set to join the fleet of humanitarian aid named “The Audacity of Hope” which will start in September sailing to the Gaza Strip.

“Indian Express” Newspaper said that the fleet of humanitarian aid “The Audacity of Hope,” which inspired by a friend of U.S. President Barack Obama, will include aid ships from Europe, Canada, India, South Africa and the Middle East, it will set sail to break the blockade on Gaza. This campaign comes in the midst of international pressure on “Israel” to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The fleet includes a number of prominent personalities onboard, including a friend of U.S. President Barack Obama, Rashid Khalidi.

The Hindi newspaper said that the preparations are currently being held to raise 360 thousand dollars for the acquisition of a ship to accommodate 40-60 activists, in addition to operational expenses.

Khalidi said that the fact that this ship is American, it will be hard for Israelis to deal with them as they dealt with the fleet of freedom.

On May 31/2010 Israel committed a massacre against Freedom Flotilla activists onboard Mavi Marmara aid ship, the massacre left 9 Turkish activists dead and many others were injured.

Moreover, Israeli navy intercepted Libyan aid ship which was full of humanitarian supplies for besieged people of Gaza and forced it to change its direction to the Egyptian port- Al Arish.

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