Indian students hold gang-rape protests in New Delhi

shirsoleiman20121229100019077 Indian students have held protests across New Delhi after a young gang-rape victim lost her life at a Singapore hospital.

People have been gathering in the capital for fresh protests amid tight security following the death of the victim, who was severely beaten and gang-raped on a bus in mid-December.

The victim died of her injuries at the hospital on Saturday. Her body is set to be brought in the country later in the day.

Large parts of New Delhi’s center have been sealed off.

The city’s police chief on Saturday called on people to stay calm and mourn the death in a peaceful manner.

The police also announced that 10 metro stations and the area surrounding the India Gate monument would be closed to the public.

The gang rape caused outrage among Indians, who have taken to the streets on a daily basis since the young medical student was raped on December 16, demanding protection for women and capital punishment for rape, which currently carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the assault.

Also, an 18-year-old woman, who was allegedly gang-raped one month ago committed suicide by drinking poison in Punjab on Thursday.
People accuse the officers patrolling the capital’s streets of being insensitive towards sexual crimes and ignoring related complaints.

They say the country’s slow judicial system also discourages women from making complaints. Only one third of accused rapists get punished.

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