Infighting Erupts again among Turkey-Backed Terrorists in Northern Syria


Ankara-backed militants once again engaged in a fresh round of clashes over their share of the stolen public assets in Afrin region on Monday.

Gunmen of Sultan Murad and Ahrar al-Sham, both backed up by the Turkish Army, engaged in heavy fighting near Old Garage in the Central part of the town of Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo.

The clashes left ten casualties on the two sides and all the roads to bazaars and trading centers were closed.

In the meantime, the two militant groups battled over taking control of Ashiyeh Petrol Station in Afrin, local sources reported, adding that the Turkish Army troops were dispatched to the region to mediate between the two sides.

Afrin region has been witnessing insecurity, robbery and looting people’s assets by Ankara-backed militants following two months of occupation by the Turkish troops.

In a similar development last week, tens of people in the occupied town of Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo poured into the streets, protesting against the Turkish Army troops and their allied militants.

Tens of civilians in Afrin gathered in the Freedom Square and opposed occupation of their town by the Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants.

The demonstrators further called for the release of Adam, a media activist, arrested by al-Hamzah Firqa militants affiliated to the Turkish troops.

In the meantime, the Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that the Turkish forces captured tens of Afrin residents and tortured them, adding that the Ankara forces called on family members of the captured-civilians in the village of Jaqmaqa in Rajou region to pay $7,000 for the release of their family members.

Also, the Arabic-language al-Watan daily reported that Ankara forces prevented tens of families from leaving Afrin for their homes in Eastern Ghouta, adding that the Eastern Ghouta families settled in Afrin had called for government amnesty and the Syrian Army had agreed to their return to Eastern Ghouta.

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