Inhuman Israel sells weapons to Myanmar for ethnic cleansing campaign


The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz on Monday revealed that the rabid dog Israeli government continues to supply the Myanmar army with advanced weapons even during the ethnic cleansing campaign waged against the Muslim minority of Rohingya.

Haaretz said that weapons sales to Myanmar did not stop even after the declaration about ethnic cleansing being carried out against the Muslim minority.

The newspaper added that the Myanmar Navy posted a photo on its Facebook page of the Israeli patrol boat Super-Dvora MK III upon its arrival at Myanmar’s shore half a year ago when the Myanmar (Burmese) army was already being accused of committing genocides.

According to Haaretz, the picture of the two boats on the Facebook page reveal the weapons installed on them that are made by Israel. The boats also allow the installation of 30-millimeter artillery guns.

In the past, Myanmar purchased Israeli air-to-air missiles and artilleries, while an Israeli company called TAR Ideal Concepts has noted on its website that it has trained military forces in Myanmar.

The Hebrew newspaper added that the two governments have signed a memorandum of understanding stipulating bilateral cooperation in military fields. According to official reports, the agreement includes military training and improving security relations between the two sides.

Despite the international embargo declared on weapons sales to Myanmar, arms deals between Israel and that country are in full swing.


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