Insurrection to be toppled in Tel Aviv, if Iran enters Syrian crisis

mohammed-reza-naqdi-2011-5-21-6-51-16The Commander of the Basij forces of Iran has rejected that Basij and IRGC fight along with Syrian forces against rebellious terrorists.
Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Naqdi, the Commander of Basij Organization also said that if Basij entered Syrian crisis, it would topple the insurrection root in Tel Aviv.

Addressing the reporters in the sidelines of the Second High Meeting of Pioneers of Jihad and Martyrdom of Basij, he pointed to holding the exercise ‘To Beit Lahm’ with the participation of 20,000 Basij forces and said that the exercise has ended the day before in Khuzestan, and Basij had achieved all assigned objectives.

Brigadier General Naqdi also rejected reports by some media on Basij and IRGC fighting in Syria along with the Syrian government forces against terrorist fighters. “It is obviously false, but if Basij forces enter Syria, the war will not limit to Syria, and it would end in Quds to topple the insurrection in Tel Aviv,” he asserted.

Answering a question on the link between the country’s top scientific rank in the region and military technology advancement, the Head of Basij Organization told reporters that “in every field where we succeeded, the country has been under pressure in that field. Islamic Republic has been under pressure since the Revolution in military facilities. Naturally, the road for success has been taken in these fields.”

He also said that in nuclear issue, biotechnology and fundamental cells, and drugs, Iran was targeted by heavy sanctions, “but we see that the country has achieved highest success, drawing upon its own experts and scientists.”

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