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International positions in favor of zionist israel

Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank have charged that the world community was persisting in passing oppressive resolutions against the Palestinian people and land ever since it endorsed the establishment of israel on the land of Palestine in 1948.

The MPs said in a statement on Tuesday, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the UN resolution that partitioned Palestine, that the world was still ignoring the suffering of the Palestinians in the homeland and the diaspora and supporting the culprit against the victim.

The world and the quartet’s silence toward the israeli crimes in occupied Jerusalem, the siege of Gaza, military blocks that disintegrate the West Bank, and the undignified treatment of Palestinians on those barriers is sheer collusion, the MPs added.

They said that the least the world can do after supporting the creation of israel in the midst of the Arab world and backing it with money and arms, which were used in massacring Palestinians and displacing them, is to assume its humanitarian responsibilities and check the israeli violations in the Palestinian lands.

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