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Intl’ Quds Day reminds oppression of Palestine: Ammar al-Hakim

Leader of the National Wisdom Movement of Iraq Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim in a message on the occasion of the World Quds Day wrote that International Quds Day reminds Palestine oppression.

In his message on the occasion of the World Quds Day, Ammar al-Hakim added that International Quds Day is deeply ingrained in the consciences.

He went on to say that the day is an opportunity to renew the covenant with the first issue of Muslims and Arabs.

Leader of the National Wisdom Movement of Iraq emphasized that the issue of Al-Quds and its looted lands is not only related to the Palestinian nation, but also to the issue of Muslims, Arabs, and all the free nations of the world.

Hakim in his message added that that in the aftermath of the events, the issue of Quds is still alive and well in the hearts and minds. It is Quds that unites us and sets our priorities.

The Late Imam Khomeini called on all Muslims and Islamic governments to cut off hands of the Zionist occupiers and their supporters from the Palestinian lands, elaborating that the last Friday of Ramadan comes after the holy nights of destiny, and hoping that the sequence can determine the fate of the oppressed people of Palestine whose homeland has been occupied by the Zionist regime.

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