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IOA exiles J’lem child for throwing stones

An eleven-year-old boy from Jerusalem was exiled by Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) for throwing stones at Israeli military forces.

The committee for defense of land and real estate in Silwan south of the Aqsa Mosque said that an Israeli court in Jerusalem decided to expel 11-year-old Ahmed Gheith from the Batn al-Hawa district of Silwan for two months, also banning Gheith from stepping foot in the ‘Ayn region of the same town and imposing about one thousand dollars fine on his parents.

The committee strongly condemned the Israeli decision saying in a press statement that it “confirms that the [Israeli] occupation does not pay any attention at all to the rights of Palestinian citizens, especially children’s rights”, drawing attention to the numerous child arrests by Israeli forces in the town of Silwan for participation in clashes against extremist Jewish groups and Israeli occupation forces.

The committee explained that elements from an undercover Israeli unit arrested Gheith yesterday and took him to the so-called “border guards” police station on Salahuddin Road opposite Herod’s Gate, where he was subjected to questioning and investigation about throwing stones at Jewish extremists in the ‘Ayn area of the city.

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