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Iran Army dispatches units to safeguard NW borders’ security

Second Brigadier General Ali Akbar Abbass Tajaddod announced on Monday that Rapid Reaction units of the Iran Army were dispatched to the northwestern border areas to monitor, protect and safeguard the security of Iran’s airspace and strengthen the other forces who are, now, protecting Northwest borders.

Emphasizing that any threat to the security and well-being of the people and the territorial integrity of the country is the red line of the Iranian Armed Forces, Tajaddod said, “The enemies should know that if they make the slightest malicious move against the security of the Islamic Republic, they will be facing our severe response.”

The border areas of East Azarbaijan in the city of Khodaafarin, with a length of 135 km, are adjacent to the Karabakh conflict zone.

Since the beginning of the Karabakh dispute between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 26, 2020, dozens of mortar shells have hit the lands of Iran in the city of Khodaafarin.

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