Iran Army Fires Cruise Missile in War Game

On the second say of the massive war game, codenamed Muhammad Rasulullah-5 (Muhammad, the Messenger of God), the Army forces successfully fired a ‘Nasr’ cruise missile from an onshore mobile launcher to destroy a naval target.

The Navy is also going to use long-range cruise missiles in the drill.

In comments on Tuesday, spokesperson for the war game, Rear Admiral Lower Half Mahmoud Mousavi, hailed the Navy for perfect support for the ground and aerial forces in the drill, saying the Navy commandos exercised various offense and defense tactics on Monday.

Navy troops on board Azarakhsh and Shahab rocket-launching boats detonated the hypothetical enemy’s vessels and used Ra’ad assault vessels for minelaying operation, while the coastal artillery exercised coast defense tactics, he added.

The exercises on Monday were overseen by experienced military experts and Navy commanders to assess the weak and strong points, he noted.

The purpose of the war game is to strengthen coordination among the Ground Force, Air Force, Navy and the Air Defense, the commander added.

The war game covers vast areas south of Iran, mainly the coastline stretching to the southeastern Makran region, by the sea of Oman.

The Iranian armed forces hold routine military drills throughout the year.

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