Iran Army holds ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’

Army holds ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’

The spokesman of ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’ military drill has said the fighters have succeeded in missions.

Mehr news reported that in the second day of first stage of ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’ military drills Sokho-24 and Phantom air fighters succeeded in their mission of destroying ground and air fixed and moving targets.

Brig. Gen. Hossein Chitforoush told the reporters on Saturday morning that after the air tracking and air-to-surface firing against pre-planned targets by F5, Mirage, and Saeqeh (thunderbolt) fighters, which continued until midnight, Saeqeh and Mirage destroyed ground and water targets successfully using optimized pinpointing rockets developed and manufactured by Army Air Force staff.

The spokesman also said that hours before F4 tracking air fighters had targeted and destroyed mobile targets on water firing Maverick enhanced pinpointing rockets.

“Along with operations, public-aided operations also had been held with medical and rescue teams of the Army Air Force staff in the General Zone of the drills,” he said.

The ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’ had been opened with codename ‘Ya Hossein bin Ali (as).’

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