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Iran asks Dubai to track down Rigi passport forgers

Iran is taking steps to investigate how Jundallah terror chief Abdulmalek Rigi obtained forged passports prior to his arrest nearly two weeks ago.

Speaking in a televised address on Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help indentify and arrest the culprits that provided Rigi with forged documents.

“We have asked our counterparts in the UAE to make the necessary arrangements to track down those who issue fake passports and travel documents for terrorists in Dubai,” said the Iranian President.

Iranian security officials captured Abdolmalek Rigi, the long-sought leader of the Pakistan-based Jundallah terrorist organization, onboard a Kyrgyz plane on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan, where he was to meet US intelligence and military officials at the major American Menas military base, according to his televised confessions.

Following his arrest, Rigi also confessed on air that the US administration had promised to provide him with unlimited military aid and funding for his terror operations inside Iran.

The US, along with a number of European countries, was quick to deny any links to Rigi or picking up the tab for the many acts of terrorism he committed against Iranians over the past years.

Sadly for them, Ahmadinejad said, Iranian Intelligence agents have gathered more than enough evidence proving the contrary.

“We have concrete evidence that Rigi had received political, financial and publicity support from at least three countries,” explained the Iranian President.

“It is clear for us now that these countries, contrary to what they have claimed, are not fighting to curb terrorism in the region, but are in fact nurturing and contributing to the growing number of terror groups,” he added.

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