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Iran calls for big turnout in Quds Day demonstrations


Iran’s Foreign Ministry called on all Muslims and freedom-seekers all over the world, particularly the Iranians, to take part in Quds Day demonstrations to show their support for the Palestinians.

The Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan has turned into an opportunity for solidarity against occupation, apartheid, massacre, division and crisis-causing acts of the Zionist regime of Israel, the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday night.

‘Confronting the policies and plots of the Zionist occupier regime, with a 70-year record of occupation, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied territories, frequent, blatant violations of international law, making the Palestinians homeless, judaization of the occupied territories, killing the oppressed Palestinians, particularly women, children and even medics, violating national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the neighboring countries, calumny against the countries backing the Palestinians, and the last but not least, supporting terrorist groups to destabilize countries of the region, requires unity and support of all Muslim states and nations, plus the countries that are in pursuit of freedom and justice,’ the statement read.

It emphasized that this year the Quds Day is one of the most critical era in the history with regard to the Palestine cause, as the Zionist regime of Israel has escalated the suppression of the Palestinians.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also noted that the US step in moving its embassy to Quds from Tel Aviv is regarded as an endorsement of the Zionist regime’s crimes.

Palestinians’ protests titled ‘the Great March of Return’ have been stepped up since the official opening of the US embassy in Quds. More than 60 protestors were killed by Israeli forces.

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