Iran Calls on EU to Avoid Playing into Plots against Tehran-Brussels Relations

 Iran warned the European Union (EU) that repeating “baseless accusations” serves the interests of those who are after tarnishing bilateral relations between Tehran and Brussels.

The Iranian foreign ministry issued a statement late on Monday hours after the EU Council released a 12-point statement on the continuation of the nuclear deal of 2015, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), establishment of a financial channel in compliance with the EU’s undertaking under the nuclear deal, and a host of other issues.

The statement said that leveling “unjustified” accusations at Iran “is not constructive”, and is “in line with the objectives of the enemies seeking to sabotage relations between Iran and Europe”.

Tehran condemned the anti-Iran accusations, describing them as baseless and shocking, reminding the bloc that currently there are many terrorist groups freely living and recruiting in the EU member states.

Iran said that it expected a more realistic approach from the EU regarding the realities of the region where innocent Yemenis are treated with Western-made weapons in the hands of the rich monarchs of the Middle East.

Also foreign ministry called on Brussels to undertake more serious measures to have a financial mechanism that meets the real needs of the country and not just cover items which had already been waivered from sanctions.

Iran also reminded the bloc that Tehran will decide about future relations based on how the EU manages the current affairs of the nuclear deal and the sanction-busting financial mechanism, highlighting that benefiting from the economic dividends of the agreement matters most for the country.

The Foreign Ministry once again repeated that Iran’s defense capabilities are for deterrence purposes and no subject to negotiations.

Here comes the full text of Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement:

Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) 

The Islamic Republic of Iran has serious considerations and criticisms of the EU positions. First of all, as previously announced, we welcome the launch of EU’s trade mechanism which aims to support trade exchanges with Iran, i.e. SPV, but without a doubt the realistic expectation is that this mechanism would be implemented as soon as possible with greater accuracy and speed, and cover other aspects of trade between Iran and European countries, as outlined in the statement issued by the foreign ministers of Iran and the three European countries.

For us, the economic aspects of JCPOA and Iran’s benefit from the deal are important; the fulfillment of obligations by the European signatories to Iran nuclear deal can be a decisive factor in determining our future relations. Linking the implementation of this mechanism, which is their inherent responsibility towards saving the nuclear deal, to joining the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is unacceptable.

Anti-Iran allegations 

The anti-Iran accusations, such as planning terrorist attacks in Europe, were both baseless and surprising from the beginning.

Raising such unjustified allegations and concerns by Europeans against the Islamic Republic, in a situation where the terrorist and criminal groups act freely in Europe, is not constructive, but in line with the objectives of the enemies seeking to sabotage relations between Iran and Europe. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the victims of terrorist attacks and as a country that always had a leading role in the fight against ISIL terrorists, who are threatening to even Europe’s security, expects the European Union to seriously deal with that with a realistic view and far from dual standards.

Iran defense activities

As previously stated, the spirit of Iran’s activities is merely defensive, deterrent and indigenous, and this issue has never been and will never be on the agenda of our negotiations with other countries. We firmly believe that allegations against Iran’s defense program, in current regional situation and given the obvious threats against the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is neither constructive nor in line with the security of the region and the interests of Europe, itself.

Regional issues

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly urges European countries to have a realistic look at regional incidents and issues and not be affected by the demands of those opposed to peace, stability and sustainable security of the region and to the development of relations between governments and nations. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported dialogue, interaction and political solutions to resolve all regional crises.

Human rights

The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns any instrumental and political use of human rights against independent countries. The performance of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past four decades indicates the seriousness of our country towards the promotion of human rights and the fulfillment of international obligations through constructive cooperation and dialogue-based mechanisms.

The positive measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the United Nations’s human rights requirements and the relevant international authorities, reflect the commitment of our country to the continuation of constructive cooperation. Raising concerns over the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, inasmuch as Iran’s superior status in the region is obvious in terms of observing human rights standards, aims at distorting public opinion and insisting on an incorrect process that can increase distrust in relations between them and Europe.

We hope that with the fulfillment of Europe’s all commitments, we will see the deepening of relations between the two sides in the shortest time, the statement concluded.

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