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Iran commemorates ‘Black Friday’ anniv.


In 1978, Shah Regime froces opened fire on huge crowd of protesters, killings hundreds of people in Jaleh Square in Tehran.

Following killing of some protesters by regime froces in Tehran, there was a public call for massive demonstration in Jaleh Square in eastern part of Tehran on Shahrivar 17th (in the 6th month of Persian Calendar, September 8) in remembrance of those killed ones.

The Royal Guard deployed tanks and used armored cars to suppress demonstrating people which resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of people. Since it took place on Friday, the event is called Black Friday.

Black Friday is believed to have led to the overthrow of Iran’s monarchy few months later. The events triggered protests for another four months. The continuation of protests ultimately forced the Shah to leave Iran in January 1979, resulting in the Islamic Revolution of Iran led by Imam Khomeini to gain victory in February 1979.

Black Friday is considered as a symbol of resistance against tyranny and oppression of the time; the event is still remembered as a glory for a nation, who gained freedom and independence after years of struggle against monarchy. The sqaure was renamed after revolution to Shohada (Persian for Martyrs) Square.

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