Iran denies reports about 2 Quds Force soldiers being killed in Israeli strikes near Damascus

On Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry rejected the authenticity of reports that Iranians from the Quds Force were killed during the recent Israeli raid on Syria.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, all reports about the two soldiers from the Quds Force being killed in the Israeli attack over Damascus are false.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatib Zadeh said: “We do not confirm the killing of Quds Force fighters in the Israeli raid on Syria, and Israel realizes that the time for striking has passed, so it is moving with caution, and there is no treatment for its aggressive nature except through resistance on all fronts.”

In response to the recent comments by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the targeting the Iranian forces inside Syria, the spokesman said: “Iran’s presence in Syria is advisory, and whoever wants to breach it will receive a firm response.”

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