Iran Drills 2,700mln/m of Wells

Managing Director of the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) Heydar Bahmani said that his company has drilled 2,724 million meters of oil and gas wells in the last 7 years.

“During the 9th administration, from 2005 to 2009, 655 wells were drilled that includes 318 developmental wells, 13 appraisal wells, 22 exploratory wells and 302 complementary and workover wells in onshore and offshore sectors and handed over to the applicant units,” Bahmani said, referring to his company’s performance during President Ahmadinejad’s first term in office.

“During the 10th administration, which started since August 2009, 547 wells have been drilled which include 242 developmental wells, 33 appraisal wells, 16 exploratory wells and 256 workover wells,” he added said.

On the company’s achievements on horizontal drilling, Bahmani noted that NIDC’s experts had drilled 476 directional wells, totaling 281 thousand meters, by using the most updated and sophisticated technologies.

In connection with offering engineering and technical services, the official said that NIDC had offered its services in 47,950 cases in 20 categories including sampling, drilling with air pressure, testing and completing wells, cementing and laying pipelines inside oil and gas wells.

“In order to meet the oil industry needs under the Economic Development Plans, during the 9th administration the number of drilling rigs climbed from 49 to 56 and have reached 72 now in accordance with the Fifth Five Year Development Plan’s and 2025 Outlook targets, an upward trend that will be continued until oil industry needs will be met completely,” Bahmani told Shana.

He referred to acceleration of domestically manufacturing during the 9th and 10th administrations adding manufacturing of Fathe 35 and Fathe-36 drilling rigs and 4.500 key drilling equipments and parts at home are among the other NIDC’s activities.

With regard to investment in drilling rigs and domestic manufacturing of parts and equipments, Bahmani noted that during the aforementioned period, more than one billion dollars had been invested in development of NIDC’ fleet and expertise and technical services plus 2.5 billion rials in manufacturing parts while 600 billion rials have been earmarked to research programs of the company for this year.

On participation in drilling of large national projects, the official said during the 9th administration, NIDC’s experts started drilling in 9,10,17 and 18 phases of South Pars gas field that resulted in completion of drilling 24 gas wells in phases 9 and 10 while drilling in 17 and 18 phases is still underway. He added the company started drilling in phase 14 in 10th administration and was working on drilling 22 wells in the phase.

“The company has also started drilling operations in Kish, Yadavaran, Azadegan fields along with drilling exploratory wells across the country,” he said.

NIDC’s chief concluded the company is ahead of schedule 3,520 days in its projects and has been able to complete drilling of more than 200 wells ahead of timetable.

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