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Iran ensures safety of its scientists

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says the Islamic Republic has adopted necessary measures to ensure the safety of its scientists and university professors.

The Iranian minister made the remark at a memorial ceremony of Majid Shahriari, a prominent scientist who was assassinated on his way to Shahid Beheshti University in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in late November.

Iranian scientists are the pioneers of progress and development in the country, IRNA quoted General Vahidi as saying on Friday.

The Iranian top defense official reiterated that the country’s enemies are apt to confront the Islamic Republic establishment, saying the enemy has chosen “assassination of Iranian scientist as a means to reach its goals.”

On November 29, Shahriari was targeted by a bomb attached to his automobile by unknown terrorists on a moving motorcycle as he was on his way to Shahid Beheshti University, where he was a professor.

Shahriari’s wife, who was accompanying him at the time of the attack, narrowly escaped death with injuries.

In a similar attack on another lecturer the same day, terrorists tried to assassinate Fereydoun Abbasi, another academic with the University of Shahid Beheshti. Abbasi and his wife — who was also in the car — managed to escape the incident with minor injuries, as he was reportedly alarmed when the bomb was attached to car.

Iranian officials have pointed the finger of blame at the US and Israel, likening the terrorist operation to terror tactics commonly employed by Tel Aviv’s notorious terror squads.

Meanwhile, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Friday accused the United States, Britain, and Israel of organizing the “butchery” of Iranian scientists to undermine Tehran’s nuclear program.

“There are other serious developments related to the butchery of scientists, organized by Israel, the United States, Britain, and other powers,” wrote the 84-year-old Castro in an article entitled “What Would Einstein Say?”.

He said several Iranian scientists have been assassinated since 2007, including Massoud Ali-Mohammadi and Majid Shahriari.

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