Iran experts urge action against Takfiris

Iran experts urge action against Takfiris

Iran’s Assembly of Experts has called on Muslim clerics and scholars across the world to take action against the deviant views and criminal acts of Takfiri Salafi groups.

The Assembly of Experts said in the concluding statement of its 14th biannual session: “We call on scholars of the Muslim world, the scientific and academic centers and the elites to deal with the Takfiri Salafi current, which is heresy in religion and is not in conformity with Qur’an and Islam … and to condemn this current and any form of fratricide.”
Iranian scholars also condemned the ongoing violence in Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain and other parts of the Muslim world and called for vigilance against the plots hatched by the enemies of humanity.

The statement pointed out: “We reiterate that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never wanted to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries”, adding, “We warn the US, Zionist regime and European governments not to be the starters of a new disaster in the Middle East and not … stain their hands with the blood of innocents and if they are truly the advocates of freedom and democracy, let the people of countries freely determine their own fate.”

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