Iran fights violence against women


During the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians at the 131th IPU Assembly, Iran’s representative maintained that ISIL violence against women has nothing to do with Islam.
During the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians at the 131th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly, Iran’s representative, Fatemeh Rahbar stressed the need to counter violence against women and said, “the extremisms and offences directed at women by groups such as ISIL has nothing do to with Islam.”

Fatemeh Rahbar pointed to gender equality and ending violence against women and said, “the Islamic Republic of Iran with an emphasis on the Constitution regarding gender equality and the inherent dignity of the human beings has always attempted to counter discrimination and Gender-based violence and to provide women with opportunities to fully realize their rights.”

She asserted that the public culture of Iranian community is extremely sensitive to the issue of violence against women and said, “the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran as manifestation of the national will spare nothing in the pursuit of gender justice.”

Rahbar maintained that all kinds of violence against women must be brought to the international community’s attention and said, “recent violence against women in Gaza and the terrorist attacks of ISIL in Iraq and Syria must not be ignored by the international community, particularly the representatives of nations.”

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