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Iran FM: Quds rallies should address ‘Zionism-Takfirism evil liaison’



Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in the occasion of International Quds Day, called popular rallies to realistically examine links between Zionism and Takfirism as twin plight of the Islamic countries.

The statement issued on Thursday highlighted the original objective sought by late Imam Khomeini (RA) to abort Zionist efforts to push Quds question and Palestinian issue to a corner through artificial conflicts within Islamic world and to serve their own ends; “the designation of the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan was a measure with a foresight to remind the Muslims that Palestine is still a wound on the body of Islamic world which should not be forgotten,” said the statement. “Zionists’ well-concerted efforts on Judaization of al-Quds and eroding its historic identity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, extending Jewish settlements in West Bank, desecration of the Mosque during several storming of the extremist Zionists, blockading Palestinians path to the Mosque and depriving them of their religious rights has created a condition far from discouraging at best.”

“Forced displacement of Palestinians especially around the Mosque, violating the most basic human rights of Palestinians, killing of children, women and the elderly, torturing prisoners, and no less important siege on Gaza Strip which has now bordered with humanitarian disaster are crimes committed on daily basis against oppressed people in Palestinian Territories,” emphasized the statement.

“International declaration of support for Palestinians and mobilization of every possibility to mount pressure on Zionists and to reveal the true nature of the regime and their evil intentions in tacit complicity with Takfirist terrorists in fueling sectarian strife in Islamic and Arab countries of the region should be on focus for the popular rallies on Friday, July 1,” it demanded.

‘Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran calls all Muslims of the world especially Iranians to speak out their support louder than ever for Palestinians and the ideals of the holy Quds against encroachments of the occupationist Zionists,” the statement concluded.

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