Iran- Fuel Efficient Euro V Engines for IKCO Runna

Vice-President of Iran-Khodro Company Mir Javad Soleimani said that IKCO will soon start marketing Runna with EF4 engine.

The new sedan is going to hit Iran’s and international markets with Euro IV and V standard requirements respectively.

EF4 design process has already been finished and the engine is passing through performance and durability tests.

TU5, CNG-based EF7 and EF4 are the three engines that have been considered to power Runna. The car would be available with diesel engines later on.

Runna with EF4 engine will enter into mass production phase within 15 months.

You can expect the same good performance with each of these three engines.

Seventy present of the sedan’s tests have been accomplished in IKCO R&D center and some supplementary tests are going to take place in IRAN Test & Research Auto Company, ITRAC and IDIADA of Spain.

TU5 and EF7 are fuel efficient engines. Following the rationalization of subsidies plan in Iran, IKCO announced that it would outfit most of its cars with these two engines. This plan cuts fuel subsidies and makes the customers to go for fuel efficient cars.

The intellectual property of EF7 engine belongs to IKCO. It comes in CNG based, turbocharged, gasoline and diesel types.

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