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Iran fuel supplies to enter Afghanistan

Iran’s embassy in Kabul has announced that fuel tankers waiting at the border between the two countries will enter Afghanistan within the next few days.

“Currently 16 fuel tankers are waiting at the Meelk-Dogharon border… for their turn to enter Afghanistan, and will enter Afghanistan’s soil during next few days after legal formalities are completed,” Iran’s embassy said in a statement on Monday.

One of the reasons for the fuel tankers’ delay is that despite the efforts of Iran’s embassy, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has not announced the country’s required fuel, the statement read.

Since March 2010, 17,546 tankers — carrying 399.764 tons of fuel — and from December 20, 2010 until January 25, 2011, 925 fuel tankers – carrying a 71.501 ton cargo — have been transited to Afghanistan, the embassy explained in its statement.

Earlier this month, Iran’s Ambassador to Kabul Fada Hossein Maleki voiced concern about reports that fuel consignments for Afghanistan are delivered to US-led foreign forces in the country.

“There are reports available that indicate the fuel transited to Afghanistan is supplied to NATO forces and we are very worried about it and we have conveyed this concern to Afghan officials,” Maleki said.

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