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Iran hands over its second homegrown oil tanker to Venezuela

The second Iranian-built oil tanker was handed over to Venezuela on Saturday in the presence of the presidents of Iran and Venezuela.

During a ceremony attended by Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the ‘Aframax 2’ oil tanker built by Iran Marine Industrial Company, also known as SADRA, was handed over to the Latin American country. 

The presidents of the two countries spoke with the crews on the dock in the Persian Gulf via video conference and were briefed on the construction and operation of this ocean-going tanker.

The tanker is the second ship ordered by Venezuela to Iran in recent years. According to the contract, Iran will also deliver two more tankers to Venezuela after construction.

‘Aframax 2’ was constructed for a period of two years and it left for the waters of the Persian Gulf for marine tests on Wednesday after undergoing the preliminary tests, according to the CEO of the company Ali Zare’ei. 

It weighs 21,500 tons, measuring 250 meters long and 44 meters wide, 21 meters high on the deck, which can carry 113,000 tons of crude oil equivalent to 750,000 barrels.

The ship has a propelling engine with 21,000 horsepower and three diesel generators, each of which can produce 900 kilowatts of electricity.

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