Iran is Self-Sufficient in Building Vessels

Managing-Director of the Iranian Sadra Shipbuilding Company Mehdi Etesam announced on Monday that Iran has gained self-sufficiency in building different sea vessels.

“We are self-sufficient in building vessels,” Etesam told FNA in Bushehr province, Southern Iran, today.

He also announced construction of four highly-advanced oil tankers named Aframax for the first time in the Middle-East by Iranian experts, saying that the four crude vessels have been ordered by Venezuela.

“This project was launched in Iran’s Southern waters last month and is now in final stages of construction.”

Iran in July joined the world club of oil tanker producers after launching its first domestically-made 113,000-ton Aframax oil tanker in the Southern waters of the country.

“The first Aframax oil tanker which was built by Iranian experts at Sadra industrial island and at the order of Venezuela is 250 meters long, 44 meters wide and 21 meters high, and has a 14.8 draft,” Managing-Director of Iran Marine Industrial Company (Sadra) Salman Zarbi said at the time.

He said that the Aframax weighs 113,000 tons and traverses at the speed of 16 knots per hour.

Appreciating the Iranian experts for building the vessel, Zarbi said, “Iran succeeded in building its first gigantic oil tanker despite the westerners’ cruel sanctions.”

Sadra Company had earlier announced that the Aframax oil tanker is worth 52 million euros and is the first of its kind built in the Middle East.

Despite the western embargos, Iran’s maritime and shipbuilding industries have made huge progresses in recent years.

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