Iran launches gasoline hub in Persian Gulf

743937_thumIran has operated its first gasoline and diesel export hub in the periphery of Persian Gulf coast.
With the construction and operation of three new refineries in Bandar Abbas, production capacity of gasoline and diesel with EU standards of 4 and 5 surpassed 90 million liters per day production.

By exploiting the new gasoline refinery in Bandar Abbas and commissioning the Star Refinery in Persian Gulf (daily production capacity of 40 million liters of gasoline and diesel), total production capacity of gasoline and diesel will surpass 50 million liters per day. In addition to these new refineries, the construction of Hormuz refinery of heavy oil has been accelerated by the new private sector shareholders.

Hormuz refineries were intended to improve refining capacity of heavy and super heavy oil and to increase the daily production of 15 million liters of gasoline and 26.6 million liters of diesel by the current EU standards.

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