Iran, Lebanon jointly organize nanotechnology confab

Iran, Lebanon jointly organize nanotechnology confab

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Lebanon jointly organized a conference on nanotechnology with participation of Iranian and Lebanese academicians and experts from universities and research centers.

The conference was held at Lebanon University.

Five university lecturers and researchers from Tehran, Sharif and Shahid Beheshti universities and center for technological cooperation and renovation at the presidential office took part in the two-day seminar.

Professors and researchers from top universities of Lebanon are also present in the seminar.

The participants offered their articles and delivered speeches for audience during the seminar.

According to IRNA, the participants also met and discussed different issues with the chancellor of Lebanon national university, Adnan Seyyd Hussein.

Iran’s Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi in the meeting highlighted the achievements of Iranian experts in various scientific, technological, industrial and medical fields.

Iranian scientists through their perseverance have proved that research, development and scientific progress are among legitimate rights of all nations.

Adnan Seyyd Hussein, voiced his readiness to broaden scientific cooperation with Iranian universities.

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